Health & Environment

Every project must have a health focus to ensure technical and design solutions are working toward improved health through environmental improvements. Our solutions are guided by the Healthy Living Practices, a set of universal priorities proven to have the best impact on health improvement through improved health hardware. 

Local partners

Healthabitat O/S begins projects on invitation from a community or community representative looking for assistance in improving health through their environment. HH OS will then work with the local group to further understand the issues they face and develop solutions with their full involvement and commitment.

Technical Solutions

In order to deliver the immediate improvements to living environments and health we ensure professional technical solutions are developed with the aid of architects, engineers, plumbers, builders and any other professional skill required to seek the best solution.

Skills of Trades

Technical solutions need skilled trades to ensure the best outcomes. We believe trades, particularly plumbers, are health workers when it comes to delivering health benefit to improved environments and always start a project with passionate, dedicated trades who work alongside local trades and teams.

Transfer of knowledge

Every project involves student participation within a range of disciplines to ensure the goals, principles and methods of the projects are transferred to future generations;  as well as trades to pass along their knowledge and skills to the local teams.