Thangpal Dhap School Sanitation and Health Project

Safety (water), Washing people, Removing waste safely: Toilet block design for school

Location: Melamchi valley, very remote, limited road access.

 Thangpal Dhap is in District 1 which was the worst hit district in the 2015 earthquake. All houses and the school had major damage.

The School:

  • educates approx. 300 students from a range of ages from 4 to 18yrs of age,
  • is used as a hostel for final year students taking exams,
  • is used as a regional centre for training,
  • toilet block is used by village (although only the section of the village near the school). This will make this project a village as well as a school toilet project.

Summary of activities:

  • Sanitation Studio 2016 achieved:
    • Site analysis and documentation by Sanitation Studio 2016
    • Assessment of NGO built toilet block
    • Briefings with school principal, committee and students
    • Site and project planning
    • Design and site set out in consultation with committee.
  • Design precedent: Jalapadevi Girls Toilet block (new construction) and boys toilet block (retrofit and extension) analyzing construction technique, quality control, material and skills availability.
  • Final design for 2 new toilet blocks (4 + $) and design for converting the existing toilet block into 2 x showers documented and approved by school principal.

Plan to commence construction early November 2016 after the wet season and festival time with HH O/S, IAPMO and Worldskills team working with the local building team.

Jalapadevi School Sanitation and Health Project

Safety (water), Washing people, Removing waste safely: Stage 2 Plumbing works

Location: Melamchi valley, very remote, limited road access. 

Jalapadevi School is in District 1 in the village of Melamchi. Many houses and the school were damaged in the earthquake.

Jalapadevi is the first school HH and HH O/S (HH O/S completed Stage 2) worked with to provide a full sanitation program prior to working with the main village nearby. The aim was to:

  • Provide improved sanitation facilities to the 400+ students and staff who access the school daily,
  • Introduce a teeth brushing program as part of the school education

Summary of activities:

Plumbing works to boys’ toilet:

  • 5 x toilets (staff and students)
  • 1 x shower room
  • Hand washing area (four tap points)
  • Tooth brushing instruction area (four tap points)
  • Wastewater treatment and disposal system (septic tank and soakage trenches)
  • Septic tank capacity recalculated and some repair works (report that septic was dug out and deepened unconfirmed by plumber)

Plumbing works to girls’ toilet block:

  • Existing taps were replaced as springs were too powerful and difficult to operate by young children. High pressure from tap also resulted in excessive use of water.