Bhattadande Village Earthquake Reconstruction Project

Safety: Structural Safety -  Earthquake reconstruction

Location: Kathmandu Valley, rural, road access to top of village.

Previous works completed: immediate earthquake relief efforts including temporary kitchen shelters, personal health kits & funds to families for food.

Summary of activities:

Work done and tools developed during Sanitation Studio 2016:

  • Applied testing of HH developed:
    • Construction manual
    • Materials and cost calculator
    • Earthquake simulation and bank construction model
  • Reworked Construction manual including lessons from traditional construction techniquesthat performed through earthquakes
  • Illustrated construction management checklist

Proposal for the first Demonstration house:

  • a single storey stone / mud house
  • utilise the existing footings from the previous 2-storey house, which is on the ‘cut’ – ie is not on ‘fill’
  • build walls to cater for adding a second storey later
  • use the red ‘stickier’ mud for the walls (more houses using the red sticker mud survived than using the brown mud)
  • a single pitch roof, falling to the rear (away from the front working area)
  • the new house to be 2feet wider at the rear (existing footing would have to be moved back)
  • a new internal dividing wall with door and end window added.
  • Plan to commence construction of the Demonstration house after the wet season in August / September as per the family’s request.