Improving community toilets, water supply points and waste water drains to eliminate typhoid and cholera and improve health generally.

Until 2016, these projects were HH’s and all projects will be continued by HH O/S.

Diepsloot is located on the edge of Johannesburg where over 350,000 people live in a 12km² area of tin shacks with minimal services.

In early 2014 a WSF team with the local WASSUP and Sticky Situations team and HH supported improving 10 toilets, tap points and drains in a small part of Diepsloot.

The results in improved function and water savings were shown to be dramatic and data was progressively recorded by WASSUP to highlight the improvements. As a result of the 2014 work, the Development Bank of Southern Africa provided some wages for ongoing maintenance of the toilet units.

In 2015 a second team (WSF and IAPMO) with local support upgraded 26 additional units and also listed specific work packages that defined in detail the materials, labour times and costs for each upgrade. These were submitted to Johannesburg Water for their funding of future upgrade works and approval was recently received for upgrade of an additional 50 toilets.

In March 2016, 14 of these toilets were replaced in preparation for the CPC in July. During the Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC), the teams worked together on upgrading 8 toilets to achieve maximum water efficiency and the upgraded toilets were installed in Diepsloot during the event. These toilets will be logged for water use and efficiency by collecting data that aims to measure levels of water used through the toilet and waterpoint by immediate local resident population. This data plus the results of WASSUP maintaining these toilets will be shared at the World Plumbing Council conference in Capetown in September 2016 and with Johannesburg Water.


ZA Sanitation Project 2014

10 toilet and water points upgraded and logged with an additional 10 nearby toilets logged as 'control'. Upgrade works included installing water stop valves to assist in maintenance, water meters to assess use, new cistern and pans where needed, better drainage and new tubs, new taps, new doors, wall repair, painting and ground works to improved external access and drainage. 

Water saving = 4,000 litres of water per day for each toilet/water point.

ZA Sanitation Project 2015 

Total toilets upgraded by WASSUP team with help of plumbers from WSF and IAPMO = 26

ZA Sanitation Project 2016

HH with WASSUP and IAPMO fit out and upgrade 14 new, prefabricated toilet cubicles to replace 14 failing toilets in Diepsloot. The removed toilets were were set aside and upgraded during the Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) in July.

CPC Challenge 2016 

4 teams from India, South Africa, Australia and USA work on upgrading and installing 8 toilets in Diepsloot during the Challenge. Hosted by local groups Sticky Situations and WASSUP the IAPMO event proved to ensure skills from a range of disciplines pool resources and skills to develop new solutions for the benefit of local community.

CPC Maintenance Project 

HH has assisted the WASSUP team with an ongoing maintenance program of the 8 x upgraded toilets as a pilot for a wider ongoing maintenance program for all upgraded toilets across Diepsloot. Data loggers, developed by HH in collaboration with ETM Pacific, were installed in the improved toilets to collect data for 3 months as to the population of use and water use through each toilet in order to assess the success of each team's upgrades. 


IAPMO, IWSH, Sticky Situations, WASSUP.