Our Board is responsible for strategic direction and policy-making activities that guide our company. All directors freely donate their time, energy and professional expertise as directors to HH O/S.

Board of Directors

David Donald

Architect, Housing for Health Manager, Program Manager for HH O/S, Director of HH O/S,  Director of Central Australian Affordable Housing Company.

Karin Richards

National Manager for HH, and Director of HH O/S

Stephan Rainow

Community Development Worker, Community Director of HH, Director of HH O/S, UPK Coordinator for Nganampa Health Council.

Dr. Paul J Torzillo AM

Medical Director of HH, Director of HH O/S, Medical Director of Nganampa Health Council (SA);  Head, Department of Respiratory Medicine & Executive Clinical Director RPAH; Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Sydney; Board member of The Fred Hollows Foundation


One of our greatest strengths is our team. We are a talented and dedicated group of more than 15 people, including our Board, working with our partners and the participating communities to achieve our goal of improving the health and standard of living of people living in poverty.



Paul Pholeros

The late Paul Pholeros AM, architect and founding director of Healthabitat and Healthabitat O/S. Paul was the visionary and driver behind both companies, dedicated to improving health by improving housing and surrounding living environments. 

Among Paul's many strengths was his ability to galvanise and inspire people over a common cause. Teaching that great results can happen with simple strategies and pooling the right people, skills and students needed for a community's need.

To hear from Paul on the work, click here.


HH O/S works with many other contributors, partners and participating communities in Australia and round the world.